Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proof that Google is mortal - Gmail Contacts

When you read about Google's entrance exams, you're left with the impression the place is full of prodigies.

This is wrong.

The proof of Google's banality is the current version of Google Contacts, and particularly Google Contact Groups.

I swear that years ago Google's Gmail had a very simple UI for working with contacts. You could paste in a set of well formed email addresses and POOF you'd added Contacts into a Group.

Now you create the contacts one at time and then, one at a time, add them to a Group. Oh, unless you want to try Google's ultra-finicky CSV formatted import option.

This isn't just average software stupidity, this is Modern-Microsoft level stupidity (excluding, as always, the Windows Live Writer team). Stupidity infesting Google's flagship software product, a strategic product.

Google is made up of flawed mortals, just like Microsoft and everyone else. (Yes, including Apple. Remember MobileMe?)

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