Monday, April 27, 2009

Terrific set of bicycle commuting tips

Via Ride Boldly: Alan Snel's: Let's Bust The Bike-Commuting Myths. The title is a bit misleading, it's a set of tips to mitigate common issues with bicycle commuting. Here are just a few of my favorites:

...3. It's too far
-- Try riding to work and taking mass transit home, then alternating the next day
-- Ride to a coworker's house and carpool to work...

...7. I have to dress up
-- Keep multiple sets of clothing at work; rotate them on days you drive
-- Have work clothes cleaned at nearby laundromats or dry cleaners
-- Pack clothes with you and change at work; try rolling clothes instead of folding...

8. It's raining
-- If you are at work, take transit or carpool to get home; ride home the next day...

There were a few silly ones however ...

9. The roads aren't safe
-- You are at no greater risk than driving a car


...Trips of 5 to 7 miles in urban areas take the same or less by car...

There is absolutely no way riding a bicycle on unsafe roads is as safe as driving in a car on the same roads. That's just nuts.  Also, the 5-7 miles claim is only true in highly congested urban areas; where I live a 7 mile car trip is about 1/4 the time required to transit from door to desk (Ok, so Lance Armstrong results may vary).

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