Sunday, April 19, 2009

WGP Obama

It's true. He's moving so fast the spinning heads are airborne...
Sluts & Salvation / Also: Mysterious chicken, drooling Facebook, maniac presidents. Can you help? (Morford)

Obama Resolves Riemann Hypothesis

... In which the World's Greatest President (WGP) continues to infuriate and confound his GOP critics by taking on -- and checking off -- so many impossibly ambitious projects and issues so quickly, so calmly, so impressively, that not only can't they keep track, but they can't write snarling, simpleminded, wrong-headed on-air commentaries and blog posts fast enough to string together a cohesive narrative of fear and outrage before Obama's already moved on and announced he's going to colonize the moon and cure oak blight and teach the world to communicate with dolphins.

Upshot: Total frothing extremist gibberish. Secession! Guns! Teabagging! Tears! Fascism! Limbaugh! The right-wing punditry frying itself to a panicky crisp like a giant KFC Family Bucket of frustration! Absolute genius, Mr. President....

It's like those X-Men comics where they blow up the bad guy power sponge by overloading him with way too much of the good stuff.

WGP. Like it.

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