Saturday, May 23, 2009

Google needs to add permalinks to their social link generated feed page

Google generates a web view of the blog posts I share in Google reader.

That's great, but they're missing a killer feature.

I can link link to the page, but I can't create a link to a specific comment/reference pair on the page, such as this comment of mine
... (link) Fallows, who really knows better, slowly falls upon the nub of the matter.

There are a lot of good-enough amateur writers and thinkers in the world.

No, not usually as good as a professional journalist, but pretty darned good.

That's always been true, but over the past 17 years the cost of entry to the world of publishing has fallen by a factor of ... about 10,000.

Damned, that's disruptive.

Journalism needs to refocus on core strengths and value. The old equation doesn't work.

Oh, and newsprint is dead, dead, dead.
Google needs to add an inline permalink to the generated page, so we can reference a Google-generated feed-share with all associated notes and comments.

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