Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple's iPhone Calendar makes me miss my parents' anniversary

I blogged about this four months ago, but it's the Apple gift that keeps on giving.

For the seven or more years that I used various versions of Gorilla Haven's DateBk on my Palm, I got 2-3 week warnings of birthdays, anniversaries on the like.

It was great. I rarely missed a card or an event

Then I got my 21st century iPhone, with a locked down, no API, Apple authored A calendar that allows a maximum 2 day reminder of events.

Events like my parents' anniversary, now 2 days away.

Two $!#$#$ days!

That's the problem with devices built by children. In their world, 2 days is a long time.

Nettie, how many days warning does the Pre calendar allow you?

Update: It's unchanged in iPhone 3.0.

Update 6/20: The Pre isn't all that much better - suprisingly!
Via Nettie:
... for all-day events in the Pre calendar you can remind 1/2/3/7 days before. For meeting-type events you can remind 5/10/15 mins and 1 day...
It must be something in Cupertino water supply.


Unknown said...

On the Pre it shows different options whether you choose an all-day event or just an event (with set hourly times). Is that option not there in the iPhone?

JGF said...

It does ok on scheduling appointments.

The problem is appointment alerts or reminders.

On Palm, Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and every other calendar I've ever used alarms/reminders can be set days, weeks, or months ahead.

On iPhone 3.0 the maximal interval is 2 days.

Carlos Martins said...

I use Google calendar for that, and you can sync it the iPhone (now with the OS 3.0 you can even do it with the new CalDAV support.)

Anyway, you can also try the FastContacts app, that is quite nice (shows the photos of your contacts) and keeps a "upcoming" count of events including the birthdays.

(Though I still think this is something Apple should have done in the first place - why allow us to set birthdays, and then now allow us to set further notification options??)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!

Iphone is no where near as good at the appointments

i.e. I want to send a card on important anniversaries of my friends - like 25-50 but it doesn't even come up with the #years married.