Friday, June 19, 2009

Fear in China's government

I don't think this has much to do with porn ...
China lambasts Google again for disseminating porn - Ars Technica
.... Google is guilty of 'disseminating pornographic and vulgar information' and should stop immediately, according to China's Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center. The organization made the accusation Thursday after making several requests to Google to remove what it has deemed inappropriate content, and said that Chinese authorities should take action if Google won't conduct a 'thorough clean-up"...
China's economy is under severe strain. International coverage of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmnen square protests must have leaked back into China. China is mandating use of government controlled filtering software on all computers. South Korea is a huge cultural influence in China, and the inevitable collapse of North Korea will eliminate China's last remaining communist ally. The Iranian protests must be unnerving, and disturbingly reminiscent of Tiananmen and the fall of the Berlin wall. Lastly, with Bush gone, it's harder to find an inspiring example of a criminally stupid western government.

Installing monitoring software and attacking Google are not things the Chinese communist government does when it's feeling confident.

Interesting times.

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Chinese who has written books on the ethnic situation in Xinjiang and called for greater economic development as the basis for ending ethnic strife, laments both the rise in racial tensions that has come with the crackdown and the unlikelihood the campaign would be lifted anytime soon.