Sunday, June 14, 2009

Google's problem: too many Starters, too few Finishers

Google's Blogger rich text editor is richly broken in Firefox and Safari. This isn't a new problem, it's been broken in lesser ways for years.  You might image you can fix the broken formatting in the "Edit HTML" view, but that view is essentially obsolete. It doesn't provide full access to the formatting controls.

Google's My Maps is stuck in toy stage.

There are lots of other examples. Google is great at starting products, lousy at finishing them.

This isn't surprising. Google has a famously IQ and creativity focused recruiting policy, a policy strongly identified with Marissa Mayer.

That's a great way to get Starters. Starters are people who invent things.

It's not a great way to get Finishers. Finishers are the people who do the 80% of the work required for the last 20% of the product. Finishers are detail people.

Google's problem is too many Starters, too few Finishers. Google needs to change their recruiting and hiring policies.

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