Monday, July 06, 2009

Other people love Microsoft Word almost as much as I do

About 6 years ago I wrote about Microsoft Word: Living with the Beast. Nothing has happened since to change my opinion of Word.

Recently some Word bug related to cross-references made a hash of a technical document I wrote. A quick Google turned up this pithy quote from an anonymous tech writer commenting on a newsletter post

Word annoyance: Cross-referencing « CyberText Newsletter

[JR, comments]… Microsoft Word 2007 is a steaming pile of flaming maggot [censored] coded by a bunch of monkeys typing random keys on their keyboard and hoping it compiles…

Join the club comrade.


Rhonda said...

Hi John

I wrote the original post about Word's cross-referencing, but I can't claim to have written the comment you quoted! ;-) That florid comment was added by the anonymous JR. I did laugh at it as I've occasionally had similar thoughts about Word.


JGF said...

Oops! That was my hasty word-aggravation inspired posting, I didn't make the attribution very clear.

I revised the post to clarify it was a comment by "JR".

Thanks for the gentle reminder.

chrismealy said...

You called it. Here comes chromestellation

JGF said...

Thanks chrismealy! Of course that's me and about a thousand other people, though most aren't old enough to remember the Netscape Constellation vision.