Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conde Nast's latest spam ploy - Axciom's

Conde Nast, publishers of Gourmet and other periodicals, holds a place of dishonor among the world's scummiest spammers. It will be a sad commentary on humanity if the New York Times goes under and Conde Nast survives.

Spam must work for them, because they invest a fortune in spam and associated legal fees. They're not too hard to block; even though they change their email address every few months it's only a moments work to add another Gmail 'filter to trash' rule.

Today, though, they're trying something knew. They're sending their email using a "" account with a dedicated spamming service:
Acxiom Digital

... Acxiom Digital helps the world's leading marketers create and deliver permission-based email marketing campaigns. Acxiom Digital acts as an agent for our clients in delivering email communications to their customers. Our clients own the data on their customers, including email addresses, which are gathered via permission-based processes at their website or other online and offline sources...
"Permission-based" my ass.

So now anything from '' is immediately deleted. It will be interesting to see what email address Conde Nast uses next.

Friends don't let friends buy Conde Nast products.

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