Sunday, August 09, 2009

Status five nanosols

Observations on an utterly unique event, occurring once only in all of space and time ...

Status (personal metrics)
  • 55% total lifetime contribution [3]
  • 95% wisdom (guesstimated) [2]
  • 100% duties and obligations
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction level (to date)
  • 100% lifetime effectiveness [5]
  • 100% lifetime income [6]
  • 100% lifetime confidence
  • 100% lifetime kindness [7]
  • 30% lifetime arrogance
  • 30% lifetime certainty
  • 20% lifetime temper
  • 100% lifetime baseball skills
  • 90% lifetime hockey skills
  • 50% lifetime bicycling performance
  • 70% lifetime strength
  • 50% lifetime hair

Minimalist lessons

  • When swimming outdoors wear a swim shirt (see also).
  • Schedule haircuts q4w.
  • "A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person." (Dave Barry)
  • Our next home will be wheelchair accessible
  • When you're too old to drive you'll be too old to know you're too old to drive.
  • Accident is far more common than intent.
  • You only think it's about you.
  • When you hear a confident expert, run away.
  • People who are paid for a service are very unlikely to tell you their service is not working.
  • Sometimes the crowd is right. Sometimes the crowd is wrong. I can't tell the difference, but I pay more attention to the crowd than I once did.
  • Take pictures.
  • If you're think you can't be fooled, you are a fool. If you think you can't be corrupted, you are corrupt.
  • Obsolete things last a lot longer than I expect. (see also)
  • There was another one, but I forgot it. [8]
[1] Guesstimate. The tiny number that survive into the S&P 500 have a 40-50 year life expectancy.
[2] Eventually the dementia starts to whack the experience.
[3] Meaning I'm ahead of what it cost to make me, but still producing.
[4] Started around the Model-T, ends around 1917 though cars will last a long time.
[5] Ability to get things done. This is all about skill compensating for raw power. (see also)
[6] Historic record. Could go to zero tomorrow.
[7] I think I have average empathy, but I really have to work at some aspects of being kind. I work at it more now than I did when I was an obnoxious new physician.
[8] More profound that it seems.
[9] Successful enterprise software is very long lived -- longer lived than the average corporation and comparable to human work lives. This is an interesting situation.

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