Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah, Cheney/Bush used the orange alerts to scare up votes

As suspected, despite fervent Bush admin denials, Cheney Bush used the "terror alert" scheme to scare up votes prior to Bush/Kerry: Informed Comment: Bush Admin. worse than our Nightmares.

Not really news, but, for the sake of history, important to note.

That administration was a cancer on the American psyche -- and their blight is far from gone.

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Mobile-phone-blog said...

I'm surprised the conservatives haven't admitted to this earlier. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention. A Osama bin Laden tape right before the election? Obviously it was to help push Bush to a second term. You don't fight religious fanaticism with guns, you fight it with reason. And Osama knew that Bush preferred the former because he was incapable of the latter.