Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Climate change deniers: fame is its own reward

George Monbiot challenged a professional climate change denier, Australian geologist Ian Plimer, to answer ten written questions about Plimer's recent book.

Plimer promised to respond, then chickened out.

He didn't have the courage of his own con.

Which brings us to the fuel for Plimer and Beck alike ...
This professor of denial can't even answer his own questions on climate change| George Monbiot
... There is nothing unusual about Professor Plimer. Most of the prominent climate change deniers who are not employed solely by the fossil fuel industry have a similar profile: men whose professional careers are about to end or have ended already. Attacking climate science looks like a guaranteed formula for achieving the public recognition they have either lost or never possessed. Such people will keep emerging for as long as the media are credulous enough to take them seriously...
Indeed, they'll even take comments from a 3rd tier blog like this one. Fame is a wonderful drug.

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