Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Cloud is slow (so's my phone)

I've a habit of counting seconds whenever my machine doesn't respond instantly.

Quite often, when I do anything with the Cloud, even Gmail, I get to 10 before I can work. On my 3G I get to 5-10 for internal apps, 10-40 seconds for web apps (Emily's 3GS is at least twice as fast).

On corporate SharePoint I don't bother counting, I go for coffee.

I sometimes mourn for those few bright moments when I used a 386 with single tasking DOS 3.1. I've never had any environment so instantly responsive. Sure, you couldn't do much, but you could do a little so quickly.

We know from Google's research on their Search screens that, even if users don't perceive something as slow, even small delays decrease their use. I suspect most users don't realize how slow our modern computing environments are, but it must take a psychic toll all the same.

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