Friday, October 09, 2009

The file could not be found: The Decline of OS X

I browse to a file in OS X and try to open it. The app respond "the file could not be found".

I can copy it in the Finder though.

It's all of a piece with the long decline of OS X. As I wrote in 2007
Gordon's Tech: The dumbing down of OS X (and Vista): indirection is too hard

.... MacOS Classic was built by the gods. They tossed it off to mere mortals and then retired to Olympus. OS X isn't all bad, but it's clearly the work of mortals, not gods...
Since then OS X Snow Leopard has regressed to the metadata standards of DOS 2.1. Anyone else notice that shortcuts to files stored on OS X servers no longer work? They used to mount the share and open the file, now you have to mount the server yourself.

Snow Leopard is supposed to be a cleaner, better version of OS X -- but it's had a typically rocky start. Apple's core OS is still in decline.

In retrospect, OS X went to the dark side after Tevanian left.

It's depressing - I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel.

Update 10/10/09: I ask on Apple Discussions for a stress test of OS X networking. Did 10.6 fix anything?

Update 10/10/09b: There's a report that this DOES work in 10.6. I'd given up hope. Now I don't need to think about Windows 7.

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