Saturday, October 03, 2009

My current iPhone wish list – as of OS 3.1

Now that we’re well past 3.0 it’s time to update my prior personal iPhone wish list.

Some of my past wishes have been met, but other items have been on my personal wish list for years (ex. “old”). This time around I’m excluding issues that are clearly AT&T problems (ex. tethering). So this is a wish list for Apple.

They’re in rough order of declining priority …

  1. Multiple Exchange Server (ActiveSync) accounts
  2. External keyboard support (old)
  3. A Calendar API so 3rd party apps can get at Calendar data and manipulate it. (old)
  4. Google Voice App authorization
  5. Location sharing via Google Latitude
  6. Standard synchronization API for 3rd party desktop apps use of USB connection (old)
  7. Fix the Calendar note field so it can fit a standard travel itinerary! The iPhone needs a text field that can manage longer notes – especially Calendar and Contacts. (old)

#4 is a novel entry since it doesn’t require any software development. Apple has blocked an App from use with the iPhone because it interferes with Apple’s current revenue (SMS, long distance) and because Apple fears Google.

I’m mildly hopeful about 1, 3 and 7.

Unfortunately 2, 4, and 5 all threaten Apple’s revenue plans, so, in the absence of regulatory pressure, Apple won’t help us.

I can’t guess why Apple won’t do #6.

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