Saturday, October 17, 2009

The NY Times has about 70 blogs

My rough guesstimate is that the NYTimes has about 70 blogs.

This at a time that the classic feed reader is supposed to be defunct.

I already subscribe to about half a dozen (Krugman, Blow, Kristoff, Economix, Freakonomics* and more). I've now added Floyd Norris, Idea of the Day, Judith Warner, Olivia Judson, Stanley Fish and "The Lede".

I used to pay for the NY Times online. I wouldn't mind paying again. I just don't want newspaper.

PS. As long as I'm media topics, I should mention that a formerly great news journal has resurrected their paywall. They offered a $12 subscription of some kind to registered online readers. Alas, I don't want the paper. Oddly enough the feeds appear to still be free, so I continue to follow the remaining good bits of The Economist - Science, Technology, Africa, and, above all, the Obit.

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