Thursday, October 22, 2009

Use Get Satisfaction to talk to Google

Today's announcement of Google's mind reading technology (for example) tells us where the Google Reader team looks for feedback (emphases mine):
... we'd love to hear your feedback — share your thoughts on our help group, Twitter or the Reader section of Get Satisfaction, a third party support community.
Somehow I don't think my tweeting about a really obnoxious Reader bug is going to make much of an impression. On the other hand, the Get Satisfaction site is kind of neat. It's a startup that allows businesses to outsource their customer community.

It's free for customers of course, and, like all new startups, you can authenticate with Facebook, your Google ID or OpenID (without sharing your password of course).

Looks like Google is a paying customer -- they currently have 42 products on GetSatisfaction.

Google's Help Forums have always felt like a waste of time - both when they were on Google Groups and in their current incarnation. I'll give Get Satisfaction a try.

Update 10/23/09: It worked. Get Satisfaction is where Google lives now. Forget the official help forums.

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