Thursday, November 05, 2009

Eye Glasses and other iPhone health care related apps

I was sure someone would do this (blogged about it) but missed it was out ..
Medical Apps for the iPhone - Pogue’s Posts
... Eye Glasses. As an over-40-year-old, I’ve become addicted to this app. It simply turns the iPhone 3GS into a magnifying glass. Hold it in front of some tiny type—on a menu, a receipt, a ticket, a medicine bottle—and Eyeglasses, after a moment of autofocusing, shows you a magnified version of it on the screen. Keeping your hand steady is tough, and the 6X and 8X images sort of fall apart—but the 2X and 4X views have saved me more than once. ($3)...
I'll buy a copy for the fun factor alone. Nice job.

Pogue tells us there are 7,000 health care related apps, but he didn't find much of interest. The "Anatomy Lab" app might be worth some med school nostalgia points. (Update: Looking at the reviews it's nowhere near the level med students are tortured at.)

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