Saturday, November 21, 2009

Google's failures - and recent improvements

Good list of Google's more prominent failures. They are far from perfect, as any heavy duty Google user knows.

Time for me to update my Google Quick, Sick and Dead list. Here's the current list, I use pretty much everything except Android. I'm surprised to see that there have been more promotions than demotions over the past 10 months ...

The Quick
  • Search and Scholar
  • Android
  • Google Reader
  • Google Reader Comments and Shares
  • Gmail
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Mobile Sync
  • Chrome browser
  • Chrome OS
  • Picasa and Picasa Web Albums
  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Earth
  • News
  • Browser toolbars
  • Translate
  • Gmail Tasks (promoted)
  • Custom search engines (promoted)
  • YouTube (promoted)
  • Mobile (promoted)
  • Google Talk (promoted)
  • Books (because they keep trying)
The Sick
  • Google Voice (iPhone web app frozen in time)
  • Google Sites
  • Google Apps
  • Google Video Chat (demoted)
  • Blogger (demoted)
  • Shopping
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Base
  • Orkut
  • Desktop
  • iGoogle
  • Knol (all-but-dead)
The Dead
  • Google Notebook
  • Google Page Creator
  • Google Browser Sync
  • Google Video
  • Google Groups (demoted)
  • Google Web Accelerator
  • Google Name Verification (Knol)
  • Google Gears
Update 12/4/09: I've added a few more items, such as Google Gears in the Dead category.
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