Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wanted: email redirect to google reader note shares

There are just a few more things we need.

For example, the latest version of the NYT iPhone app supports shares to Twitter and Facebook. Alas, not GR shared notes, even though there's an API for creating Google Reader Shared Notes. Maybe this will come to a future app, but these days lots of companies fear Google. The NYT may not want to add this particular link.

Happily, there's always email. It's the lowest common interface; the means to bridge unwilling vendors.

So we need Google to provide a way to post to the GR Notes stream via email or SMS (for email at least they can use the Blogger post secret address approach). Or we need some 3rd party to setup an email gateway that would call the API for creating Google Reader Shared Notes. Mail to a secret address, add to the GR read stream that extends my older memory managers.

This ought to be of interest to people like

Update: I tried sharing this on the (once) official Google Reader Product Ideas site, but it's now rejecting submissions with an error message. So I created a getSatisfaction request.

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Update: Via I came across an app that syncs Twitter and Reader. It's not well documented, but if it posts Tweets to reader then I can use Twitter as a Notes poster.

Update: Nope, reader2twitter didn't seem to work, and it felt too rough for the likes of me. I tried pointing TwitterFeed to my Reader Shared Item feed, but Twitter output has misplaced URL encoding. It's not the answer, and, really, I'd prefer to use Twitter as a way to post items to my Google Reader shares -- not the other way around.

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