Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CARE.ORG for charity: four stars, never bugs us

We were very late with our 2009 donation to CARE.ORG. I just got it done.

We donate to CARE, and very little to anywhere else, for four main reasons:
  1. Since they work with the most impoverished populations the reduction of human suffering per dollar donated is immense.
  2. They have a four star Charity Navigator Rating - CARE.
  3. Consolidating our donations to one organizations means less tax hassles and paper work.
  4. CARE doesn't bother us.
The last is critical. Most of the places we've donated to in the past plagued us with spam, mailings, unwanted calendars, stickers, etc. With a very few exceptions, CARE does not. Once a year or so, often after our major annual donation, we may get an email. I respond by saying our annual donation is contingent on never hearing from them. That's been the end of it.

Strongly recommended.

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