Thursday, December 24, 2009

The health care bill

Odds are something like the Senate bill passed today will become law.

I didn't hope for much, but I did have one selfish desire. I hoped we'd get alternatives to employment based healthcare. I hoped individuals would be able to purchase insurance with large group pricing. It looks like we won't even get that. Instead the cost of open market insurance is expected to increase. Subsidies will offset those costs, but they will have an income cap.

Oh, and we'll be paying for the benefit expansion too - since costs won't be significantly contained.


On the other hand the current debauched system will be shaken up. I think, on balance, we'll move closer to what we need, even though that won't be the fantasy most Americans expect. We'll take two steps backward, 3 steps laterally, and 2 steps forward and we'll make progress. Given how stunned and confused Americans are and the state of the GOP this is probably the best we can do.

We need a better American citizen.

Update: Joe Paduda is even bleaker than I, but still thinks this bill is worth doing.
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