Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Adobe: Please die and take Flash with you

Mac users don't like Flash. We have good reason. For example:

Adobe's typical response is that only a small percentage of web users have Macs or iPhones, and their market share is so great that resistance is futile.

Maybe Adobe is right, but Adobe resistance is not just an Apple thing. Google doesn't like Flash, neither does Mozilla, and Microsoft has Silverlight.

Of course, excepting Mozilla, none of these companies are angelic. I'd be friendlier to Adobe, except it's not just Flash that's crappy on the Mac. With the sole exception of Lightroom, (started on OS X) Adobe uses proprietary App installers that are absolute garbage (their updater platform on Windows is hardly better). Adobe has been blowing off customers for a very long time.

Go away Adobe. Go away Flash.

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