Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From iPhone users to Google: Thank you for the Nexus One

I love you Google. Thank you for the Nexus One Phone.

Sold unlocked even when subsidized. Google Voice baked in. Navigation. Location sharing. Speech recognition text entry. Speech UI. OLED. Removable battery. Memory on Micro SD card (to 32GB). Noise cancellation. Ogg Vorbis.

I've got six months left on my iPhone AT&T contract. I'm in no hurry to get a new contract now. You can buy this phone without a data plan, stick in a pay-per-use voice/data cash card, and, once Google announces their Google VOIP service, use it largely free with home and office WiFi.

Apple and AT&T will need to be very sweet to keep me.

Update: Arrington review online. The battery life is very short, but even with the iPhone I'm always near a charger. It's life.

Update b: As I read reviews on the Nexus One I'm a bit surprised by admissions of how weak yesterday's crop of Android phones truly are. If I'd bought one I'd have been b*tching big time. Sadly, most geek bloggers are too committed to defending their purchases. In my blogs, I savagely attack the things I own :-).

Update c: The very best sort of competition. Reminds me of the golden age before Microsoft crushed all competition on the PC platform.

Update d: The Nexus is up to 50% cheaper than the iPhone. I think this comparison overstates the gap, but it's technically correct. My bet is the Nexus is closer to 30% cheaper for most users.

Update 1/6/10: Pogue is not amused. I think he missed out on the advantage of using WiFi for data and a very cheap minimal voice plan for voice.

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