Monday, March 22, 2010

Best health care reform commentary

I'm waiting for week's end to write mine, but I'll be working from these early commentaries:
I think it's pretty damned awesome that the three* most intelligent commentaries I've read were written by amateur blog-only journalists. (Ok, so Sean is probably paid for his science blog).

Incidentally, I expect my "taxes" will rise to pay for this. More on why, how and where the quotes come from in a later post. We're good with that.

* I wrote "four" originally but I moved one to the PS and didn't decrement!

Update 3/24/2010: Leonhardt focuses on the distributive nature. This is why the GOP is enraged.
Update 3/24/2010b: Uwe Reinhardt points to the readable references. He discretely but clearly points out the cost will be higher than the CBO score -- but much less than the Bush Part D boondoggle.
Update 3/28/2010: HCR and labor motility


brad said...

Why, thank you very much...

JGF said...

Funny Brad, when I got the "thank you" comment I first assumed it was a spamlink comment.

I am a great fan of yours of course.