Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Climate - How will history judge the Wall Street Journal?

When the WSJ iPhone app provided free access to the WSJ, I tried reading it. Alas, it was already the post-Murdoch era. The raving madness of the editorial pages had begun to infect the rest of the newspaper. I gave up after a few months. Now, even friends of mine who have been longtime WSJ readers are also losing interest.

The WSJ has a lot of tribal power however. It will last at least another twenty years. Perhaps long enough that this will matter ...
Breaking the Climate Debate Logjam: Scientific American
... The Wall Street Journal leads the campaign against climate science, writing editorials charging that scientists are engaged in a massive conspiracy. I have made repeated invitations to the Journal editors to meet with climate scientists publicly for an open discussion or debate, but all have been rebuffed...
When the WSJ closes up, will their climate change dismissal and denial be seen as the fatal turning point? The moment at which tribal ideology made them worse than irrelevant?

I'll put a reminder in my Google Calendar to update this post fifteen years from now.

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