Wednesday, March 03, 2010

We need translation on Google Reader for Mobile!

This would be a killer feature for Google Reader desktop, except that GR desktop has already killed all the feed reader competition. On a bigger scale though, embedded translation is one of the reasons that Google will (sadly) crush Apple and, over the next 20 years, machine translation will transform human civilization.

Yeah, I meant that. I've even added a new GR "label" (post tag) today called "translation".

Problem is Google Reader for Mobile doesn't do translation! Argghh. My non-English feed items (blogs, shares, etc) are unreadable on my iPhone. It's been over a year since GR desktop added translation services, and Mobile is still unilingual.

Sigh. I am 95% sure Google work on this will include the iPhone, and 5% worried it won't. If they do omit the iPhone, I may have to move to the gPhone sooner than I'd expected. That's how big this feature is. The GR Mobile translation story is just one more telling illustration of why Apple will lose its war with Google.

So, Google, for your user's sake and to encourage Apple to sue for peace sooner, please do get on this.

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