Monday, April 05, 2010

Analyzing Financial Statements

I've had "learn to read financial statements" as a medium priority goal for a while. A VC has recently written a mini treatise on how to do this:
Analyzing Financial Statements

... This topic could be and is a full semester course at some business schools. It is a deep and rich topic that I can’t cover in one single blog post. But it is also a relatively narrow skill set at its most developed levels. If you are going to be a public equity analyst, you need to understand this stuff cold and this post will not get you there.

But if you are an entrepreneur being handed financial statements from your bookkeeper or accountant or controller, then you need to be able to understand them and I’d like this post to help you do that. I’d also like this post help those of you who want to be more confident buying, holding, and selling public stocks. So that’s the perspective I will bring to this topic.

In the past three weeks, we talked about the three main financial statements, the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow Statement. This post is going to attempt to help you figure out how to analyze them, at least at a cursory level...
I've put time on my calendar to read and study these posts. (In my life only scheduled things happen. Your life may vary.)

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