Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What iPhone multitasking can do

There are quite a few iPhone apps that are too slow now. Appigo’s ToDo.app needs to sync with tooldedo. That takes too long, I hate it.

Evernote needs to sync and/or upload. Way too slow.

There are other apps that are incomplete, because making them complete would make them unusable. I’d like my Voice Memos to be transcribed, but I want zero delay on launch and dictate.

In all of these cases the time consuming task doesn’t need to take place while I have the UI in front of me. They can take place after I leave the app.

Multitasking solves all of the above. The sync/communicate tasks can occur in the background while I move to do something else.

That’s why I want iPhone multitasking. We’ll see in the fall if Apple’s version of limited multitasking is good enough. I fear it will be too limited for another year.

Update 4/14/10: Good news. The functions I want fall under the "task completion" domain. That should be available to all apps.

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