Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hours worked per year: Greece in #2 spot

Sure, South Korea is #1 at 2,256. We knew that. (China isn't on the chart, it would presumably be in the SK range.)

But who's #2?

Ok, so I gave it away. Would you have pegged Greece at 2,120 hours? Greece, home of economic collapse and rumored early retirement? Yes, there are lots of caveats about data quality, measurement definitions, etc. Still.

Maybe after working 2,120 hours a year early retirement is mandatory. FWIW I have read that Chinese employment beyond age 50 is very challenging. In many nations "early retirement" is really "early termination". I suspect effective "retirement" age in post-industrial nations is going to fall, not rise.

Germany is way, way down at 1,430 hours a year. Poor impoverished Germany.

Oh, wait.

The US, Japan and average OECD are all at about 1,760 hours. Indistinguishable.

Canada and the UK are a bit lower at about 1,600 hours. In general, the more sane and wealthy the nation, the fewer hours worked per year. I'm looking forward to some interesting infographics illustrating those comparisons.

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