Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What do we need to give Rupert Murdoch to save civilization?

Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, including Fox news and the Wall Street Journal. Glenn Beck is his tool, the Tea Party is his tool, the WSJ editorial pages are his tool.

By the actions of his properties, we can assume Murdoch has little sympathy for science, democracy, or an enlightenment agenda. On the other hand, he is no fool. He will act to achieve his ego's ends.

His goals to date have been wealth and power. Perhaps he has dreamed they would give him immortality. If so, then science has disappointed him; he will likely die within ten years. Now, perhaps, his focus will shift to crafting a lasting myth, and perhaps a genetic legacy.

If so, he may contemplate the world that lies ahead. He may even reconsider his apparent antipathy to science and reason. Perhaps all he needs is an excuse, some sop to his massive ego.

So let us say to Mr Murdoch - "You win. You are powerful; perhaps powerful enough to injure human civilization. Do you want a statue? We can build you one. Do you want to be worshiped? We will make you a temple. Do you want a title? We can ask the English to give you one. Now, Mr Murdoch, please let civilization live."

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