Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pawlenty - an opportunist to despise

Tim Pawlenty is governor of Minnesota, with about four months left to serve. He's not running for reelection. He's supposedly running for the 2012 Presidential election.

Given his time remaining, this announcement will probably have limited impact. It's a good reminder, however, of what a sleazebag he is ...
Pawlenty restricts health money | StarTribune.com

In a move that could cost the state $1 billion or more in federal health care funds, Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced an executive order Tuesday designed to keep what he terms "Obamacare" out of Minnesota.

Pawlenty said he will require all state agencies to funnel their federal grant requests through his office in order to "stop Minnesota's participation in projects that are laying the groundwork for a federally controlled health care system" -- unless they are required by law or approved by his office...

... Pawlenty could be closing the door, at least during the remaining months of his term, to more than 100 federal health care grants that would fund projects ranging from diabetes prevention to postpartum care for new mothers to tighter regulation of insurance companies...
Think of Pawlenty as a brighter and more cynical version of Michelle Bachman.

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Anonymous said...

"Think of Pawlenty as a brighter and more cynical version of Michelle Bachman."

and Sarah Palin. What would Tom Emmer do if elected? When will we have a governor who understands the health care needs of all Minnesotans?

As quoted in the WCCO app, "Pawlenty has already rejected nearly $1.5 billion, including $1.4 billion to expand medicaid health care for the poor and 68 million for the national high risk pool for hard-to-ensure people. Pawlenty also quashed applications for $1 million to examine health insurance rates."

He cannot get out of office soon enough for me! Quit campaigning for President on our watch.

How much more will MN taxes have to increase to make up for all of his cuts? He has cut services and increased fees. I cannot think of any positive development from his 8 years as governor. Yet think of all the negatives: cuts to schools, roads, bridges and court services. He will cut any government service he can. We are left with high taxes and very few services.

I wish the U.S. had a single payer health care system ensuring all citizens quality health care without regard to income or employment. Double digit annual health care premiums lining the pockets of HMO and insurance companies is not sustainable.

While I am sure there is room for improvement in the federal health care law, it is one step in the right direction for health care and reigning in insurance companies.