Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Visiting hotels in the bedbug era

I've been wondering what bedbug experts do when they travel. This NYT article gave some hints ....
Step Right Up for Pest Control at Bedbug Meeting -
.... Nearly everyone said they had done as much when they arrived at the host hotel, and the maids may find more than a few headboards askew from their search. Many people said they started out by putting luggage on the bathroom floor, the better to see any scurrying, before investigating hiding spots in the rest of the room. One man put his luggage inside a bedbug-proof bag and kept all his clothes on a non-fabric chair throughout his stay, though his initial survey found nothing...
Sounds like the process is:
  1. Put luggage in a relatively safe place -- the bathroom (because it's easy to search).
  2. Carry a bedbug luggage bag?
  3. Search room esp. behind the headboard. If you see bedbugs, leave for the front desk and request a new room? (And if they have none? Sleep in the street? Do you want to know?)
  4. If you don't see bedbugs avoid fabric and drawers (hang in bathroom rail?)
Maybe furniture and car seats will return to being wood, vinyl and plastic?

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