Friday, October 01, 2010

Guatemalan STD in 1946, American torture in 2006

The American physicians who tested the use of penicillin to prevent syphilis in the Guatemalan schizophrenics they infected knew they were doing evil in the 1940s. They feared exposure of their experiments.

Cutler went on to run the Tuskagee experiments. I suppose he had a successful career. The medical school that graduated him should create a monument to this alumnus.

We're no better now. Cheney and Bush authorized war crimes. Physicians, medics and especially psychologists participated in some of those crimes. A substantial percentage of Americans, generally close to a majority, support the use of governmentally sanctioned torture. The GOP effectively runs on a pro-torture platform.

It may be another 60 years before the American people come to terms with our crimes.

Sometimes I regret the absence of hell. Cheney and Cutler could spend some quality time together, but then I suppose a large percentage of Americans would need to join them.

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