Saturday, December 18, 2010

Google's kid problem - something for the GOP led house to chew on

Google has a kid problem.

The latest example is the new Google eBooks iOS app. It seemed like a good option for my kids iOS devices. Problem is, like every Google app I've looked at it, it has an embedded browser. Disabling Safari doesn't disable webkit use, so the browser is always available. A full Google search prompt is only a few clicks away, so the iPhone eBook app effectively disables iOS parental controls.

Just like Google's ad platform disables iOS parental controls.

I wish Apple would give all apps with embedded browsers and NC17 rating. Still, this is Google's problem -- not Apple's. Google has the same problem with Android devices (no parental controls at all) and with Google search (no effective parental controls). I'm sure Chrome OS will be no better.

I guess we have to wait until the founders have kids. The one bright side of the GOP dominated House is that they might give Google a hard time about this. Google is no friend of the GOP, and those guys know how to turn the heat up.

Google may have to start paying attentions to kids. They can start by having their iOS devices disable WebKit use when Safari is disabled.

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