Thursday, March 03, 2011

iPad 2 - why I'm disappointed

iPad 2 is out. It's a wonderful bit of tech. I have no problems with the device hardware and software decisions.

I'm still disappointed. Maybe because I was wrong.

I was confident than iPad 2 would not require a companion computer. I expected full Cloud integration, including device backup. I expected the base device would provide 3G access and come with affordable (capped) data plans that would allow basic email and net use (but not media consumption).

A year ago I expected that iPad 2 would be (net) "computing for the rest of us". I thought it would return to the lost promise of the original Mac vision, updated for the net world. I thought I'd buy one for my sister, and connect her to a world she's increasingly divorced from.

That didn't happen.

I'm disappointed.


Charlie Stross said...

Maybe it's because the big MobileMe revamp isn't ready yet. That big data centre Apple are building in South Carolina isn't yeady -- ISTR hearing that the network architect in charge of it died suddenly last November, which has put their plans back.

At the very least, I expect iPad 3 to be capable of eating its own dogfood. This is more like iPad 1.5 ...

JGF said...

I was thinking the same thing -- that their MobileMe strategy was derailed. I'd forgotten the details of that setback though.

We often hear that nobody is irreplaceable. My own experience doesn't agree. There are quite a few employees, at all levels of an enterprise or organization, whose absence can have big implications. I suspect, but can't prove, that most organizations don't know who those people are.