Monday, April 25, 2011

Rework reviewed

I wanted to like Rework by Fried and Hannson, but I feel like I overpaid.

To say it's a short book is an understatement. This is pretty much it:

  • Simplicity is the only winning formula.
  • Don't hire until quality falls.
  • A successful private company can get by with very few employees by outsourcing utility functions (details on this may be in their other book)
  • Meetings are bad, but distributed teams need to get together every three months or so. Evidently whatever those teams do together is not "meeting". Whatever "meeting" is.
  • True productivity works with a balanced 45-50 hour week -- but when you're doing a startup you should sacrifice sleep and keep your day job.
  • You can make money by reselling the detritus of corporate activity, like this book.
  • Cash flow is king, be positive early.
  • Build enough to sell, then build what you need to keep selling.
  • Customers can't tell you what they need.
  • Don't fear customers graduating from your services (but I wager they don't make it easy for customers to migrate their data).
  • Don't surrender ownership early -- wait until you're a proven company.
  • Only hire talented writers - regardless of the position

The book isn't worthless. About two thirds of it feels right, which is better than the average business book. On the other hand, I don't buy average business books.

I'd recommend a pass on this one. Do pick it up at the library or a used book store. $8 would be a fair price.

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chrismealy said...

They have APIs for everything. It's easy if you know how: