Monday, April 18, 2011

Twin Cities bicycling clubs

I did my first TCBC ride in 12 years tonight. The kids are getting old enough I can take a Dad Night every few weeks; soon they'll be strong enough to join me on these kinds of rides. (I do summer Minnesota Inline Skate Club skates with my middle son, but I often tow him. Harder to do on a bike unless I buy a tandem -- which I'm considering.)

TCBC has the most rides in the metro area, especially the B/C rides I like. (It will be a while before I'm a B rider again; their B rides get pretty fast.) It's not the only recreational club [2] though. Aside from the outre Black Label Bike Club (no local site, that would be inappropriate) there is the Hiawatha Bicycling Club [1], the "Easy Riders" (I've seen them, but can't find a web site), the fitness/performance oriented Ride and Glide [3], The Twin Cities Bicycling Meetup and Twin Cities Social Cycling (meetup).

TCBC is by far the largest and oldest of the recreational road cycling clubs, the other may come and go.

[1] Lower key, often lower pace - but possibly in retirement. Their Javascript heavy web site doesn't appear to work in modern browsers; I wonder if was done using an old version of FrontPage.
[2] There are at least a half-dozen racing clubs, probably twice that.
[3] They do pacelines. I think TCBC only does pacelines on A and some B rides.

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