Thursday, July 14, 2011

I went to Hogwarts

Many ages after graduation, it occurred to me that I went to Hogwarts.

It went something like this:

  • Gryffindor: Page/Fleming
  • Hufflepuff: Ruddock
  • Ravenclaw: Blacker
  • Slyterin; Dabney/Lloyd

It's not exact of course. Even during my tenure Lloyd was changing character, and Dabney wasn't so much evil as geek-goth.

Still, it is remarkable.

Incidentally, in writing this I was surprised to learn that my Corona still exists ...

In the 1980s, Lloyd had two off-campus alleys, one named "The Place" and one named "Corona" (in reference to the corona of the sun as a metaphor for the outer reaches of Lloyd). The Place used to exist on the corner of Michigan Ave and Lura St; it was removed around 1988 and is now a parking lot. Corona used to be on the east side of Holliston Ave; it was removed in 1992 and the location is now the new parking structure. Because of Pasadena preservation laws, both houses were moved to other places in Pasadena. The Corona house was donated to a minister (for free) who restored it at 1792 Newport Ave, Pasadena, CA. The house is no longer owned by the minister, but it still exists.

I had no idea, when I last visited I saw only the parking log.


Ramblin' Rob said...

In 1988 Richard Feynman died. In 1992 Corona was moved elsewhere in Pasadena, and the location turned into a parking lot. In 1993 Caltech ended its football team. And to think, giants once walked the Earth.

Anonymous said...

You mean all this time I've been reading the blog of a Lloydie without knowing it? I feel dirty.

JGF said...

Anonymous, Sorry for the late response, I've been traveling.

Anyway, I smells the blood of a Rudd!