Monday, July 04, 2011

The sorry state of 2011 video editing

Even I have to admit some things have gotten better over the pasts decade. Digital cameras are one. Aperture 3 is another (but iPhoto 11 is a regression).

Video editing though -- it really sucks. Honest - it's awful.

Try searching on "archival video formats". I'll wait ...

Right. There is no agreement. (This discussion is the best I found via Google, I wrote this one in 2008.) Photographers justly consider JPEG and TIFF as suboptimal archival formats -- but we're light years head of videographers.

Next, using iMovie 2008, try to create a decent looking .mp4 movie using Export with Quicktime. Take your time, I'll wait.

This has not gone well. I suspect the root cause are the video and patent wars that infest video technology. I am certain this is not the only domain where America's insane software patents are damaging growth and progress.

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Update 7/5/11: The more I look into this, the worse $30 iMovie looks. Paradoxically, the more interesting $300 FCP X becomes.

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