Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting with Google Reader: Gordon's Bundle's

My sister in law is getting started with Google Reader. I put together this set of "Bundles" for her. Google Reader users see a button that allows them to add a set of feeds in a single click. Each Bundle page also includes an link to an OPML file that can be imported into any decent feed reader.

Note that the "Bundles" feature was added in 2009 and has been neglected since. You can't delete or revise a bundle once it's created and they don't update dynamically. So the above set of Aug 2011 bundles will be less useful over time.

One last feed -- this is a feed for everything I share via Google Reader shares.

Google's non-documentation for Bundles refers to the Shared page, but today I noticed a 'create bundle' item on the drop down for Folder Settings...

Screen shot 2011 08 22 at 9 19 35 PM

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