Monday, October 31, 2011

Dapocalypse now: Google's day of infamy

I shared thousands of articles through Google Reader.

They were a part of my extended memory. I often searched that repository.

This evening they are gone.

I had expected bad news, but I didn't expect the entire shared story repository to vanish.

Yes, there's a JSON export. I will do it of course, but Google is not providing any tools to navigate or transform that data set. The export of data in a non-useable format is no export at all.

Dapocalypse now. Google, I want a divorce.

Update: The JSON export links aren't working for me.


Jeremiah said...

I miss sharing all your posts, Gordon. I've moved to Tumblr, using Reader's "Send To" feature, but it's not really the same. It's searchable (the extended memory part), but it lacks the gravity that brought the motivated curators.

JGF said...

The (inevitable) google-reader-hitler-rant-parody ends with "get me a tumblr account".

I'm going to write something about tumblr and posterous after I give this theme a bit of a break.

My biggest tumblr concern is that it's a "free" service.

Lots of lessons from the GR crash, and it will take a while to process 'em all.

Hope to connect again someday ...