Monday, October 31, 2011

The end of Google Reader shares and the rebirth Gordon's twitter feed

(cross posted to Gordon's Notes and Gordon's Tech)

Google Reader shares are gone.

I'm not going to switch to sharing via G+.

I will, however, be sharing via Twitter: John Gordon (jgordonshare) on Twitter.

That Twitter stream used to consist of feed-generated tweets from GR shares. Now it's the closest thing I have to an archive of those shares.

Now it will be the primary place I share -- with the help of the Twitter share bookmarklet.


Martin said...

Twitter is not very useful for sharing. Your comments to your shared content were never long but Google Reader offered a preview of the shared content if it was not already available as full text. Twitter offers no previews of linked content and even the URL is hidden as a short URL. In addition, Twitter does not even pretend to archive tweets for a long time, at least not in a publicly accessible way.

JGF said...

Not only that, but Twitter officially eliminated RSS support.

My early experiments confirm your opinions.

I've another blog post cooking on possible replacements for Reader/Sharing.

I think Twitter's role is as a sort of lowest-common-denominator notification client.

I'm having to learn about technologies that I put on the backburner when I still expected Google not to be stupid.

(Evil is bad, but stupid may be worse.)