Saturday, October 29, 2011

I killed RSS

Ok. Ok!

I'll talk.

It's true. I killed her. Oh god, I swear ... it was an accident.

I didn't mean to do it. None of us did.

Of course I wasn't alone! You think I could have killed her all by myself? She was huge. Powerful! Millions of users. We all loved her. We loved her to death.

How? How did we do it?

It's obvious buddy. Staring you in the face. Just look. Look!

Ok, do I need to spell it out? I mean, how did you read this?

Yeah, I thought so.  Google Reader user eh? Yeah, the hard stuff. Jacking the info stream right to the cortex. RSS junkie you are.

You killed her too.

I mean, did you pay for this? No, you didn't. There's no way to pay. Free beer.

Did you read the ads? 

Yeah, trick question. There are no ads. At most you added a cookie. Worth a nano-dollar to someone.

You got the full feed ad free. You spent your time here instead of making someone money. You used Google Reader to steal money from Google.

Google doesn't like that. That's why G+ doesn't have an RSS feed.

Facebook doesn't like that. They turned personal page RSS feeds off a year or so ago.

Twitter ... Yeah, you get it. I see it in your face.

RSS was too good for this world.

That's why she had to die.

We loved her to death.


Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble but I didn't get here via Google Reader.

JGF said...

Well, I'll claim poetic license.

How did you get the content - RSS or via web view?

David D. said...

I got here via Reader.

As a longtime Google Reader user who could care less about sharing (I never figured it out and just curated my own feeds over time), it's the horrible new UI that is killing it for me. Google is doing something strange with the white-space aesthetic in all the apps, because it really makes no sense from a usability standpoint.

Thanks for blogging, I've enjoyed it since getting here from a Brad DeLong link.