Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Jobs parents

I've read the obits. Steven Levy (Wired) and John Markoff of the NYT were best. The Economist disappointed.

I've also read many of the posts from longtime Apple bloggers. They rightly express sympathy to Jobs wife and children.

Noone, though, has expressed sympathy for Jobs parents - Paul and Clara Jobs. It is a terrible thing to outlive your child. From the bit I've read they gave their challenging son all they had. In a way they could not have imagined, their sacrifices changed our world for the better.

I assume Jobs did well by them.

My thoughts go to you Paul and Clara.

Update: Paul Jobs died in 1993 at age 70; Clara Jobs (nee Hagopian) died in 1986 at age 62. They both lived to see Jobs early success. I found one 9/2/11 article about them.

As the father of 3 adopted children I noticed a few things in the coverage of Jobs death. There is much more discussion of his birth parents than his adoptive parents. From what I have read, Jobs had little or no contact with or interest in his birth parents. I saw some articles claiming they might have some claim on Jobs estate. I'd be astonished if that were true.

I also notice that references to Jobs' adopted sister Patti seem to assume they were loosely connected. Jobs grew up with Patti; she was his sister.

Jobs parents seemed to value their privacy more than most. Jobs did too.


Anonymous said...

As the parent of children who joined our family by adoption, I have been offended by the reporting of his "adoptive parents". Mr. and Mrs. Jobs were his parents; they raised him, educated him and loved him. If it doesn't add or pertain to the story, the media does not have to refer to someone as adopted or their adoptive parents.

One of the most offensive questions I am asked is if my sons are brothers. Yes, they are brothers and I am their mother! And their sisters love them dearly too.

When will the media figure out what a family is and that children join families by birth, marriage and adoption.

JGF said...

I had the same reaction. I think the coverage may already be getting more nuanced, as journalists get input from members of diverse families.

Clara and Paul Jobs, like their son Steve, seem to have been very private people. I wonder if Patti is too. That probably makes it easier for journalists to forget about them.

MaysonicWrites said...

Andy Ihnatko's tribute is worth reading, as is Doc Searles's, and Dave Winer's.

JGF said...

Good refs all. Steven Levy did well too.

I do wonder what Jobs thought of regular people. I assume a sort of distant affection, but I have absolutely no idea. Like most of us, I'm hoping the bio is a good one.