Sunday, November 20, 2011

Apple and self-delusion

Jobs was the best salesman of the past 50 years.

I wonder, though, if deep down he knew what was real and what was not.

His Heirs don't seem to know ...

AppleInsider | Apple VP shares four keys to company's success:

... Drawing from 20 years of experience at Apple, Greg Joswiak, the company's vice president of worldwide iOS product marketing, has explained four keys to the company's success: focus, simplicity, courage and a commitment to being the best....

... The fourth and final guiding principle that Joswiak shared was Apple's commitment to only enter markets that it believes it can be the best in...

Right. The best.

iWork. iPhoto. Aperture. iCloud. MobileMe. Must be the very best eh?

Some of what Apple produces is excellent. Some of it is 3rd rate. A lot of it is second rate. If Apple's leadership really believes they are always "the best" they are delusional and Apple will become an average publicly traded company. Another Microsoft, another Google.

Apple's flagship product is the iPhone -- and there are lots of issues with the cost/value it delivers compared to Android. Apple needs to work very hard, and with clear eyes, to increase the value they bring to their customers.

Is there anyone in Apple whose job it is to question Apple's own myths?

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