Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Google 1.0 is dead. When did it start dying?

Google 1.0 ended October 31, 2011. It wasn't just the vast destruction of cloud data, though this was an order of magnitude greater, and far more sudden, then Google's past kills.

It was the destruction of data and the incompetent design. Google is not just being evil, they're being stupid evil.

We're in the Google 2.0 era. Maybe they'll recover someday, but grim times are ahead.

Marco Siegler said it well ...

→ Faith No More:

... I specifically remember being excited about the launch of Google Calendar in 2006 because Google was a company cranking out hit after hit after hit. Great products. But recently, what have they done? ...

... That’s maybe my biggest problem with Google. They release something, and I no longer have any faith that it’s going to be any good. It’s hard to get excited about a company like that. It’s the same reason why it’s hard to get excited when Microsoft and Yahoo release new things. The track record just isn’t there any more. The faith is gone.

Google was great in 2006. I remember them doing exciting things in 2008. So when did Google start dying?

The Apple-Google war began in July 2009, two years after the launch of Google Android. I think Google began dying when they went to war with Apple.

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