Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rick Perry really is an idiot

I knew Rick Perry was ignorant, but this moves it up to a new level...
Republican Financial Plans -

... This week, Perry laced into Barack Obama as a man who could not possibly understand what ordinary Americans were going through because he “grew up in a privileged way"...
Rick Perry, unlike Mitt Romney, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. So maybe he considers Obama's lower middle class life to be extraordinarily privileged. By that standard, I was presumably privileged -- and I remember being short of food on occasion.

What an ass.


Zol said...

The last line in that article is my favorite:

"Rick Perry will never be paid by a tank to think."

JGF said...

The joy of ignorance is a bit of a feature in today's GOP -- Cain and Perry fight bitterly for that title.

There was a similar strain in China's cultural revolution -- indeed across much of history.

It's all Eve's fault.