Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stories in passing

Some years ago a man named Rob N. told me he was a keen reader of this blog. Those were the days of Bush and Cheney, and I often posted on the ills done by them and in their name. Rob implied he was a Republican, but for some reason he liked the blog. He was a fan of Gordon's Notes, one of a very select group.

He friended me on Facebook; he was perhaps the only "friend" of mine on Facebook who I truly didn't know.

He didn't post on his Facebook page -- except to share some of my Notes. The last one he shared there was from November 22 2011.

By a chance, for I could easily have missed the Facebook "tag", I learned that he died April 5th, 2012, aged 44. He was a pharmacist and Preventive Medicine clinician in the US Army, "from Gulfport Mississippi". I've been to that town, I don't know if he was stationed there or born there. Looking at his Friends and Family he had at least one daughter who is 12 years old.

Ours is not, by nature, a kind world. Be kind to someone today.

Update: Roger Ebert today: I remember you.


Martin said...

That reminds me of a task on my to-do-list: Prepare for digital death.

JGF said...

It's a part of general estate planning -- one of the more tedious life tasks. Due to some peculiar circumstances we've done more of that than most.

Digital death management is, for today, usually addressed in the US by a separate 'advisory' document. Same way other advice to heirs is done. Non-binding.

For example - what to do with domains, esp. things like, our family domain, etc.