Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why we need Google Glasses (really)

There are lots of parodies of Google Glasses. I haven't bothered with them though; too easy a target and the technology seemed pointless.

Until I realized that we will all wear them one day.

No, I'm not crazy. There's a reason.

The reason is that, sadly, it's starting to look like prolonged sitting really is bad for us. It's not just lack of exercise, and it's not just obesity, there seems to be something fundamentally unhealthy about sitting.

So we need to walk more. We also need to be able to work while we walk, and office treadmills aren't feasible.

Enter Google Googles with voice recognition.

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Steve said...

They look cool but I will bet that people will drive with them and ride our bikes in the streets with them and it will make texting while driving look like a good idea.

Sounds as smart and dangerous as Michigan eliminating helmet laws. That move is estimated to cost the state millions of dollars to address the upcoming estimated costs of TBI.

I hope we get to the self driving cars pretty quick because the number of distractions for drivers is amazing.